Parachutes have and will be used on many different missions and applications. This website focusses primarily on space applications, but non-space missions are also discussed along with missions flown to test parachutes. All kinds of missions are discussed ranging from crewed capsules, to mars landers and from ejection seats to supersonic cars.

Earth Missions

Many parachutes have been used for a safe landing on earth. These are not only used for crewed capsules and sample return missions, but also to enable reusability of launchers.

Extraterrestrial Missions

Not all missions have landed on earth. Mankind has so far landed missions on Mars, Venus, and even Titan. These missions have their own challenges and thus their own design considerations. This section discusses various planetary landers. 

Non-Space Missions

Parachutes can also be found on non-space missions. These missions, however, are often extremely challenging and are thus worth to be discussed. Missions include stopping a supersonic car, skydiving from the edge of space, or aircraft ejection seats. This page discusses some of the non-space applications of parachutes.

Test Missions

Some missions are flown specifically to test or validate the performance of a heat shield or parachute. This section describes several of these missions.