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As part of this website, the engineers of maintain a network in the EDL community. At times we sit down with these EDL engineers for an interview. These interviews can be with leading NASA engineers and with enthusiastic students encompassing the diverse EDL field in its fullest.

Orbital Plausch

Not an interview we did, but one where Wim Jodehl (friend of was interviewed on the Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS and the Orion parachute system. 

Nicolas Heyn

Nicolas is the project lead of the TRACE experiment. The Transpiration Cooling Experiment is a REXUS experiment set to fly in 2024. Around their CDR we had a chance to sit down with them to look at their experiment and vehicle. 

Yohan Hadji

Yohan Hadji is a French student with a passion for parafoil recovery systems. When he was in high school he started R2Home as a hobby project. The goal of the project is to safely return the balloon and rocket payloads after flight. 

Sebastian Oliver Scholts

Sebastian Oliver Scholtes is a student at Delft University of Technology and the chief recovery of Stratos IV. This student built sounding rocket was on the launch pad in the summer of 2021. Just before the launch attempt we had a chance to sit down with him for an interview. 

Allen Chen

Allen Chen has been an engineer at NASA JPL. He joined the Mars Science Laboratory ELD team in 2012. Afterwards, he joined the Mars2020 team as EDL lead. Just after the Perseverance landing, we had a chance to sit down with him for an interview.