V0.2 - 17-04-2020


Chutes.nl is a website created by and for parachute enthusiasts. The website covers any Entry Descent and Landing news and topic of both professional and amateur space projects.  Chutes.nl is fully non-profit, un-political and un-biassed.

Chutes.nl has three main objectives

  1. Share knowledge and love of parachute recovery systems with amateurs and more experienced people in the field
  2. Increase awareness for European space flight
  3. Help student and amateur teams with the development of their parachute recovery systems.

The website is never finished and is always expanding as new developments occur or when new information on projects is found. If you have any feedback, recommendations, or ideas, please contact us using the website's contact page.

The team tries to provide the most recent and correct information. If you happen to find a mistake, please contact us.

The team also aims to provide relevant sources where needed. This website is not an academic paper nor a thesis, not all sources are mentioned. Only where the work of others has been used or where significant claims have been made. If you find an unsourced part that does require a source, please contact us.  

We from Chutes.nl produce our own renders, which are free to use for educational and personal use. The high-resolution versions of all renders can be found on our Pinterest page.  Please source the website and refer back to us where needed.  We would love to receive your feedback on our work in general, and be sure to tag us and keep us posted. If you happen to print one of our renders as a poster, be sure to send us a picture, we love to see where our work ends up!