Papers and publications

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Papers and publications

The following papers have been published under the name of Note this is not a list of publications by individual authors of the website, these can be found on the individual's Researchgate profiles. Interested in cooperating with on a publication or want one of our members to give a talk on EDL systems? Feel free to reach out!

Conference papers

  • J.W. Jodehl, S.V. Anton, T.C. Bosboom, S. Dhiyaneeswaran, O. Dvorak, M. Homola, N. Knoll,E. Menting, M.S. Sujahudeen, L. Pepermans, T. Britting (2021). Architectures of Parachute TestingInternational Astronautical Congress (IAC)

    Journal publications

    Popular science magazines

    • Europeese Landing Pogingen op Mars, Ruimtevaart December 2022 (Dutch)

    Talks and Presentations

    • Presentation at the IAC 2021 conference in Dubai

    • Presentation at AIAA Space Geeks

    • Presentation at the SSEA conference 2022 conference in Barcelona 

    • Presentation at the Ascension conference in 2023 in Dresden