Parachute Design Guide

Design Guide For Parachute Systems

The design of parachute systems is not an easy task. There are many challenges involved and one does not have a second chance. When the rocket goes up, it has to work. The following steps are here to help anyone designing and building a parachute system. The parachute design guide found on this website is tailored toward university-level rocket projects. A design guide more tailored towards missions such as CanSat can be downloaded from our reader page.

The design guide consists of the following steps:

  1. Requirements on the parachute system
  2. Determining the flight path
  3. Parachute design
  4. Parachute deployment
  5. Landing system
  6. Retrieval system


        A. Parachute design sheet

        B. Engineering rules for an EDL engineer

        C. Introduction to Systems Engineering