This website is written by and for space enthusiasts with a primary focus on Entry Descent and Landing systems. The various pages will explain why the different vehicles have different design choices in their EDL system and explain the logic behind the design choices. 

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The only parachute expert is the person who admits there is no such thing as a parachute expert

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Our website is divided into different pages, all covering parachutes and EDL systems. The pages approach parachute systems from different perspectives: 

Looking for a particular mission or a category of missions? Check out our mission pages covering anything from extraterrestrial landers to crewed landers.

Want to understand the choices of parachute systems and understand the terminology? Check out our EDL technology guide. 

Designing your own parachute system and looking for help and tips? Check out our parachute design guide. 

Want to know more about the history of parachutes, parachute systems and EDL systems? Check out our history page

On occasion we interview interesting people from the EDLworld, these interviews can be found here

Anything that is not covered in the regular parges is discussed in one of our blog posts. 

Regular updates on current and upcoming missions using parachute systems or testing performed in support of a mission.