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23-02-2024 - Intuitive machines sort off nails the lunar landing

The Nova-C lander, developed by Intuitive Machines, successfully landed on the Moon, marking the first American lunar landing in over 50 years. The lander carries scientific instruments and for various lunar experiments. This milestone opens a new era of commercial and scientific lunar exploration. A day after the landing it was revealed that the lander landed harder than expected with a too high horizontal velocity. This caused the lander to topple over. Marking it the second moon lander this year to land on its side. 

22-02-2024 - VARDA successfully lands their capsule

After being stuck in orbit due to permit issues, the VARDA W-1 mission has successfully demonstrated its ability to perform a controlled Entry Descent and Landing, landing softly in the Utah desert. 

21-02-2024 - Nova-C successfully reached lunar orbit

The Intuitive Machines Nova-C lander has successfully reached the lunar orbit and is now expected to land at 23:24 UTC (6:24 PM EST) tomorrow. 

31-01-2024 - SpaceX launches Intuitive Machines Nova-C to the moon

Part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services, the nova-C lander has been launched to the moon. 

26-01-2024 - SLIM has landed on its side

The JAXA SLIM lander seems to have made a hard soft landing on the Moon. During the final descent, the lander operated as planned, but a nozzle seems to have blown out causing the lander to land sideways. This did not allow for the solar panels to make contact with the sun. One of the deployable payloads has captured the lander in one piece on the surface of the moon. It should be noted that the lander is close to 100 meters to its intended point and was thus extremely accurate.

19-01-2024 - SLIM lands on the moon

The JAXA SLIM lander successfully lands on the moon after a long flight. Currently, the lander seems to be struggling to generate power.

18-01-2024 - Peregrine burns up in the atmosphere

A a short space flight, the Peregrine lander has burned up in the atmosphere of the Earth.

08-01-2024 - Vulcan launches Peregrine lander to the moon

The new ULA Vulcan lander has successfully put the Peregrine Mission One into space. Unfortunately, the lander soon developed issues meaning a successful landing will most likely not happen. The company will now attempt to put the lander as close to the moon as possible.