Here one can find all entry descent and landing-related news. 

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21-03-2023 - ISpace announces that HAKUTO-R has entered lunar orbit

The commercial moon lander made by ISpace has safely entered Lunar orbit after a 100-day long flight. The moon landing is now scheduled for April 2023. The lander includes the first UAE moon rover called the Emirates Lunar Mission. 

18-03-2023 - ISRO completes essential test for Chandrayaan 3

The ISRO moon lander, Chandrayaan 3 has completed vibration and acoustic testing in preparation for the launch scheduled for June 2023. Chandrayaan 3 is the follow-up of the ill-fated Chandrayaan 2 mission which crashed in 2019

14-03-2023 - ESA announces new date for ExoMars

The Europan mars rover Rosalind Franklin has a new landing date. With a 30 million contribution from NASA, the project seems to have recovered and is now scheduled to land in 2028. 

07-03-2023 - ISRO comples rocket sled testing of the Gaganyaan pilot chutes

ISRO has completed rocket sled testing of the pilot chutes for the crewed Gaganyaan capsule These parachutes will ensure the safe extraction of the main parachutes. The tests were performed at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory. During these tests, the pilot chutes were deployed using a mortar system under high angles of attack. No information regarding the outcome of the tests was communicated. 

08-02-2023 - ISRO completes water retrieval trials for Gaganyaan

ISRO, together with the Indian Navy has tested the procedures for the retrieval of Gaganyaan in the Navy's Water Survival Test Facility.


26-01-2023 - ISRO announces RLV-TD's Landing Experiment (LEX)

The Indian space agency ISRO announces the landing experiments of the Reusable Launch Vehicle - Technology Demonstrator. During this experiment, the winged reusable launch vehicle will be released from a helicopter at about 2.4 km after which it will glide back to the landing site.