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The Team

Chutes is a website for and by parachute and space enthusiasts. These members are all (ex-)DARE members who have worked on various student space projects. These projects included the Stratos III and Stratos IV sounding rockets and the Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS. Between them, the team has published about a dozen conference papers on parachute systems. 

We are always looking for enthousiasc people to join our team. Are you interested in becoming a colleague? Send us a message through the contact form!

Lars Pepermans
Thomas Britting
Sayyam Khurana

V0.2 - 17-04-2020

Lars Pepermans, MSc.



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Lars is the initiator of this website and the related projects. He was one of the recovery engineers for Delft Aerospace rocket Engineering (DARE) where he worked on multiple projects. He acted as Chief Recovery for the Stratos III student build sounding rocket and as Chief Engineer for the Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS (SPEAR). He graduated from Delft University of Technology in the department of Space Systems Engineering in October 2019 on reusable upper stages of launch vehicles. He currently works for T-Minus Engineering. 

Thomas Britting, BSc.

Content creator

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Thomas is a Belgian student at Delft University of Technology following the masters in aerospace propulsion systems. Over the last 3.5 years, he has worked on multiple projects within Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering as a recovery engineer. These projects included Stratos III, Stratos IV, and SPEAR. He also worked as the team leader for the Parachute Research Group. He has a general interest in EDL systems, which combined with his hobby, making computer-generated renders and animations, makes for a great contribution to

Sayyam Khurana, BSc.

Content creator

Sayyam is an Aerospace Materials master student at Cranfield University. During his BSc at Delft University of Technology’s faculty of Aerospace Engineering, he was involved in various DARE projects focusing on recovery and propulsion systems. He has a love-hate relationship with ribbon parachutes and is fascinated by spacecraft landings on small planetary bodies.

Mark Rozemeijer
Noah Suard
Noah Suard

V0.2 - 17-04-2020

Mark Rozemeijer, MSc.

Content creator

Mark was born in 1993 is a master of science from the Delft University of Technology’s faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Besides this, he has been working in Entry Descent and landing systems during his extracurricular work for the student rocketry society Delft Aerospace Engineering. During this time he co-authored six publications within the field published at various conferences around the world. Besides his work in the field, he has been interested in the EDL systems looking for the odd/interesting concepts that are or have been designed over time

Noah Suard, BSc.

Content creator

Noah Suard is an aerospace engineer who is currently doing his Master in Aerodynamics at Delft University of Technology. Noah has been a DARE member for several years where he worked on project Aether and was part of the Stratos III recovery team. Noah interned at the Mercedes Formula 1 team in the aerodynamics department.

Wesley Toussaint

Content creator

Wesley is the current team leader of DARE's Parachute Research Group (PRG) and a member of the DARE Executive Board. He has worked on the Stratos IV recovery system, the parachute-testing rocket PIP and several other projects. Together with PRG and he has co-authored three academic papers on parachutes and recovery systems.

Ex-members relies on volunteers who put in the hours to find new topics and write about them. As the members are volunteers they come and go, but all of them have been vital in bringing the website to where it is now. 

Bram Koops

Bram Koops, BSc.


Bram is a master student at the Delft University of Technology currently working on his thesis in planetary exploration. He is a long term member of DARE, joining in 2012 and working on the recovery of various sounding rockets since then. Bram has been actively involved in the Stratos II+ launch in 2015. Bram has worked on a variety of projects within DARE including the Supersonic Parachute Experiment Aboard REXUS. He has also been team leader of the DARE Recovery team.